Duration: 25 minutes, 43 seconds

Author: Dr. Istvan Urban

**Principles of Guided Bone Regeneration Horizontal Ridge Augmentation Utilizing Resorbable Membranes and Particulated Composite Bone Grafts** **Introduction** – Overview of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) in horizontal ridge augmentation – Importance of GBR in implant placement **Understanding Bone Defects** – Explanation of fenestrations and dehiscences as common types of bone defects – Impact of bone defects on implant placement and stability **Role of Membrane Placement** – The significance of membrane placement during GBR procedure – Providing physical support for bone regeneration – Protective function in preserving the space for blood clot formation and osteogenic cell migration – Exclusion of non-osteogenic cells and resorptive stimuli **Types of Membranes for GBR** – Overview of resorbable membranes used in GBR – Advantages and benefits of resorbable membranes – Comparison with non-resorbable membranes **Combined Use of Membranes and Bone Graft Materials** – Introduction to various bone graft materials – Importance of combining bone grafts with membranes – Achieving stable bone regeneration with bone graft materials – Examples of commonly used bone graft materials, such as autogenous bone and xenogenic materials **Procedure and Techniques for GBR with Resorbable Membranes** – Step-by-step guide for GBR utilizing resorbable membranes and particulated composite bone grafts – Pre-operative assessment and planning – Membrane placement techniques and considerations – Bone graft preparation and application – Wound closure and post-operative care **Benefits and Outcomes of Guided Bone Regeneration** – Overview of the long-term results of GBR – Demonstrating stable outcomes in horizontal ridge augmentation – Positive aesthetic changes achieved through GBR – Patient satisfaction and improved implant success rate **Conclusion** – Recap of the key principles discussed in the article – Importance of GBR in horizontal ridge augmentation for successful implant placement **FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)** 1. Can anyone undergo guided bone regeneration for horizontal ridge augmentation? 2. What are the main challenges of using non-resorbable membranes in GBR? 3. Can guided bone regeneration be performed in combination with sinus lift procedures? 4. What is the typical recovery period after GBR surgery? 5. Are resorbable membranes better than non-resorbable membranes in terms of patient comfort?

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