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Technological advances in shaping and filling root canal systems have resulted in extremely consistent and ideal outcomes making those procedures more science than art form. However, cutting access cavities, finding all the canals in a tooth, and negotiating them to their full apical extents still requires developed skills and careful attention to detail. Ironically, many clinicians consider the access preparation and root canal negotiation those things we do to get to the important stuff afterwards this is ironic because when a mistake occurs during these initial phases in treatment it is often impossible to recover. Loss of structural integrity, perforations, missed canals, blocked canals, ledged canals and broken files are just some of the negative outcomes that occur when access and negotiation procedures go awry. With adequate radiographs, the right access instruments, ultrasonic handpieces, lubricants, apex locators, and a predictable negotiating technique, artful outcomes can and should be the expected result when we head into a root canal space. Dr. Buchanan will show, in a step-by-step manner, the concepts, instruments, and techniques needed to set the stage for endodontic success using CT reconstructions of endodontic anatomy, video footage shot through an operating microscope, and radiographs of clinical cases.

Release Date: September 13, 2006


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