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Zirconia Based Restorations for Esthetic Results and Longevity


In recent years, zirconia oxide-based restorations have gained popularity in the field of dentistry. These restorations offer a viable alternative to metal frameworks, providing both esthetic results and long-term durability. This article aims to explore the benefits and considerations of zirconia oxide-based restorations.

1. Replacing Metal Frameworks without Fractures

One of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of zirconia oxide-based restorations is their ability to replace metal frameworks without the risk of fractures. Traditional metal-based restorations often result in structural weaknesses, leading to fractures over time. Zirconia oxide offers a stronger and more reliable alternative, ensuring longevity.

2. Success Rate of Zirconia Oxide Posts

A study conducted to evaluate the success rate of zirconia oxide posts showcased promising results. Out of the 97 posts evaluated after four years, 86 showed successful outcomes. This indicates that zirconia oxide posts have the potential to provide long-lasting restorations.

3. Reliable Adhesive Cementation with Direct Composite Buildup

Zirconia oxide posts, when combined with direct composite buildup, have shown reliability under adhesive cementation. This combination enhances the bonding strength and stability of the restoration, ensuring a durable and esthetically pleasing outcome.

4. Pitfalls of Pressed Empress Core with Zirconia Oxide Posts

While zirconia oxide posts have proven to be successful, there are considerations to keep in mind. Zirconia oxide posts with pressed Empress core have shown a high dropout rate. This can potentially be attributed to mistakes in adhesive cementation, highlighting the importance of precise and accurate bonding techniques.

5. X-ray Evidence of Successful Zirconia Oxide Posts

X-rays provide tangible evidence of the success of zirconia oxide posts. These images show examples of well-fitted zirconia oxide posts within root canals, providing reassurance of their effectiveness and longevity in clinical cases.


Zirconia oxide-based restorations offer a promising solution for individuals seeking esthetic results and long-term durability. With their ability to replace metal frameworks without fractures, high success rates, reliable adhesive cementation options, and visible evidence of effectiveness, zirconia oxide-based restorations are a viable choice in modern dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are zirconia oxide-based restorations suitable for all patients?

Zirconia oxide-based restorations are generally suitable for most patients. However, individual factors such as oral health, occlusion, and patient preferences should be considered before determining the most appropriate restoration choice.

2. How long do zirconia oxide posts typically last?

Zirconia oxide posts have shown a high success rate, indicating their potential for long-term durability. With proper care and regular dental check-ups, these restorations can last for many years.

3. Can zirconia oxide posts be used in combination with other dental materials?

Yes, zirconia oxide posts can be used in combination with other dental materials to achieve optimal results. Dentists often utilize direct composite buildup or pressed Empress core to enhance the esthetic and functional aspects of the restoration.

4. How important is adhesive cementation in zirconia oxide restorations?

Adhesive cementation plays a crucial role in the success and longevity of zirconia oxide restorations. Proper bonding techniques and accurate application of adhesive materials ensure the stability and integrity of the restoration.

5. Can zirconia oxide posts be adjusted if necessary?

Yes, zirconia oxide posts can be adjusted if necessary. However, it is essential to seek professional dental assistance for any adjustments to ensure the preservation of the restoration’s integrity.

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