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Running Time: 31 min

Language: English


Patients with long anterior face height and anterior open bite often require a surgical approach to correct the vertical dimension. Temporary skeletal anchorage devices now offer the possibility of closing anterior open bite and reducing vertical dimension by intruding posterior teeth. Conversely, patients with reduced anterior facial height (short face syndrome) need elongation of the vertical dimension. In such case, orthognathic surgery is unavoidable if one wants to obtain normal vertical dimension. Review of the literature and case presentation will help to understand the biomechanics and treatment planning of these malocclusion.
Learning objectives
Attendees of this lecture will be able to:
1-Determine TADs placement to achieve intrusion of the buccal segment to close an open bite
2-Assess treatment goal to obtain normal vertical dimension
3-Understand mechanics to increase vertical dimension prior to orthognathic surgery for short face syndrome.

Release Date: 21-11-2020


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