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Running Time: 25 min

Language: English


The profession of orthodontics is constantly under siege from differing forms of Industry Threats, Challenges and Disrupters. It is imperative that orthodontic professionals and professional societies or associations provide clear, honest, evidence-based information regarding orthodontic treatment to the public. In my opinion, it is a responsibility of professional associations or societies to mount public education campaigns to counter the Industry Threats, Challenges and Disrupters to the professional provision of orthodontic care. The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO)Public Education Campaign is at the forefront of public education on the benefits of seeking treatment from a highly educated orthodontist and providing the public with warnings regarding unconventional treatments and treatment delivery systems. This presentation will explore some of the Industry Threats, Challenges and Disrupters and display elements of the ASO’s campaign to educate the public of the benefits of seeking an orthodontist’s opinion and the risks of unconventional orthodontic delivery systems.

Release Date: 14-11-2020


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