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Duration: 2 hours, 7 minutes, 49 seconds

Author: Dr. Sam Strong

Treatment Planning and Prosthetic Procedures for Removable Implant Overdentures Introduction: – Overview of the webcast series on Prosthetics and dental implant solutions – Importance of removable over dentures and their applications – Brief explanation of bar retention and attachment retention Section 1: The Noble Select Implant – Introduction to the Noble Select implant – Explanation of the color coding system for different diameters – Advantages of using the Noble Select implant for restoration Section 2: The Groovy Implant – Introduction to the Groovy implant – Overview of the titanite coating and its benefits – Importance of rapid bone integration in immediate function cases – Applications of the Groovy implant in removable over dentures Section 3: Denture Wearers in the United States – Statistics on the number of denture wearers in the United States – Projected increase in the population of denture wearers by 2020 – Importance of providing effective treatment planning and prosthetic procedures Treatment Planning for Removable Implant Overdentures: – Initial assessment of the patient’s oral health and needs – Preparing the treatment plan based on the patient’s specific requirements – Determining the number and placement of implants – Considering the need for bar retention or attachment retention – Collaborating with the patient to establish expectations and desired outcomes Prosthetic Procedures for Removable Implant Overdentures: – Initial impressions and diagnostic wax-up – Fabricating the metal framework for bar retention – Selection and placement of attachments for attachment retention – Final try-in and adjustments for optimal fit and aesthetics – Collaboration between the dentist and dental technician Benefits of Removable Implant Overdentures: – Improved stability and functionality compared to traditional dentures – Preservation of bone structure due to implant integration – Enhanced aesthetics and confidence for the patient – Easy maintenance and convenience for both patients and clinicians Conclusion: – Recap of the importance of treatment planning and prosthetic procedures for removable implant overdentures – Emphasis on the benefits and impact on patient satisfaction – Encouragement to explore and adopt these techniques for better patient outcomes FAQs: 1. Can removable implant overdentures be customized for each patient? 2. How long does the treatment process for removable implant overdentures take? 3. Are removable implant overdentures covered by dental insurance? 4. Can attachments for attachment retention be replaced if necessary? 5. What are the long-term success rates of removable implant overdentures?

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