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This high-quality clinical video by Dr Andre Saadoun demonstrates a root coverage procedure in a 32-year old healthy female over 3 natural teeth in the esthetic zone using an acellular dermal graft (Alloderm), Emdogain and microsurgical techniques. This video demonstrates in detail the surgical option to use a periodontal tunnel/pouch Alloderm graft and Emdogain procedure to cover and increase the thickness of soft tissue over 3 upper teeth with exposed roots. A split thickness tunnel flap preparation, the root modification and the placement of 1 large Alloderm graft with Emdogain is demonstrated . The patient is presented from initial start of treatment to the follow-up appointments during healing and narrated throughout by Dr Andre Saadoun. Terms & Conditions | Hold-Harmless Statement × HOLD HARMLESS STATEMENT gIDE Institute bears no responsibility for the outcome of patient treatment skills & techniques that are learned from their programs. Close

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