Duration: 36 minutes, 29 seconds

Author: Dr. Glen Liddelow

Treatment of Mandibular Edentulism and the Terminal Dentition


Overview of Mandibular Edentulism

The increasing rate of edentulism

The Effects of Edentulism on Dental Patients

Maladaptation due to degeneration of supporting tissues

Neuromuscular control and its impact on denture patients

Treatment Options for Mandibular Edentulism

Introduction to treatment options

Complete Dentures

Implant Overdentures

Implant Detachable Prosthesis

Fixed Prosthesis

Advantages of Treating Edentulism with Implant Prosthesis

Improved oral health

Enhanced nutritional state

Better overall health

Considerations for Treatment Planning

Factors to consider before choosing a treatment option

Financial considerations

Relevant patient factors

Success Rates and Patient Satisfaction

Success rates of dental implants

Patient satisfaction with different treatment options


Summary of treatment options for mandibular edentulism

Importance of seeking professional dental care

FAQs about the Treatment of Mandibular Edentulism

1. What is the most suitable treatment option for mandibular edentulism? 2. Can I eat normally with implant prosthesis? 3. Are dental implants expensive? 4. How long does the treatment process take? 5. What are the risks associated with dental implant surgery? (Note: The above headings are bolded for emphasis and clarity, but please note that in HTML, the heading tags such as h2, h3, and h4 are used to represent the headings. The actual HTML tags have not been included as this format does not support HTML formatting.)

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