Duration: 51 minutes, 6 seconds

Author: Dr. Sam Strong

Treating the Edentulous Arch with Removable Implant Overdentures: Procera CADCAM Technology with Bar Overdentures and Fixed Implant Restorations


– What are removable implant overdentures? – Importance of restoring edentulous arches – Overview of Procera CADCAM Technology

The Use of CAD Cam Technology in Producing Bar Overdentures and Fixed Implant Restorations

– Advantages of CAD cam technology – Precision and accuracy in fabrication – Cost-effectiveness compared to traditional methods

Traditional Method of Constructing Bar Overdentures Using Cast Alloys

– Explanation of cast alloys – Limitations of traditional method – Case example from 1999

CAD Cam Titanium Bar Fabrication as an Alternative

– Introduction to CAD cam titanium bar fabrication – Benefits of using titanium bars – Comparison with cast alloy construction

A Case Example using CAD Cam Titanium Bar Fabrication

– Full mouth restoration using CAD cam technology – Two separate bars and combination of implants and natural crown dentition – Step-by-step procedure

Patient Testimonial: Comfort and Functionality of Implant Overdentures

– Testimonial from a patient who switched from conventional dentures to implant overdentures – Improved chewing ability and speech – Enhanced comfort and confidence


– Recap of the benefits of using CAD cam technology for removable implant overdentures – Encouragement for patients to explore this treatment option


1. Are removable implant overdentures more expensive than conventional dentures? 2. How long does the process of getting removable implant overdentures take? 3. Can I still eat all types of food with implant overdentures? 4. Are removable implant overdentures difficult to clean and maintain? 5. What are the potential risks and complications associated with implant overdentures? (Note: The headings and subheadings above are meant to provide a comprehensive outline for the requested article. The actual word count of the article may differ based on the content added under each heading.)