Duration: 26 minutes, 47 seconds

Author: Dr. Sam Strong

Treating the Edentulous Arch with Removable Implant Overdentures: Denture Conversion to Locator Overdenture


The guide Institute’s Education on Converting Dentures to Implant-Retained Overdentures

– Importance of improving therapy for removable dentures – Introduction to the conversion of conventional dentures – Utilizing locator abutments for implant-retained overdentures

Understanding the Process

Step 1: Achieving an Accurate Bite Registration

– Significance of bite registration in the conversion process – Techniques for obtaining an accurate bite registration – Ensuring proper alignment and occlusion

Step 2: Repositioning the Denture after Reaming

– The purpose of reaming out the interior of the denture – Steps involved in repositioning the denture – Ensuring optimal fit and comfort for the patient

Step 3: Stripping out the Existing Soft Liner Material

– Understanding the need to remove the soft liner material – Techniques for stripping out the existing liner – Preparing the denture for the new hard liner material

Step 4: Replacing with a New Hard Liner Material

– Introduction to the high flow light-cured reline material – Benefits of using high flow material in denture conversion – Applying the new hard liner material for improved stability

Step 5: Adhesion with Bonding Agent

– Introduction to the bonding agent from the Triad family – Using a bonding agent to enhance adhesion – Ensuring long-lasting durability of the denture

Benefits and Considerations

Improved Stability and Functionality

– Enhancing stability and retention with implant-retained overdentures – Improving chewing and speech abilities for the patient – Increasing overall comfort and satisfaction

Long-term Maintenance and Care

– Regular check-ups and maintenance for implant-retained overdentures – Proper oral hygiene practices for longevity – Potential complications and how to address them


– Successful conversion of conventional dentures to implant-retained overdentures – The importance of education and expertise in the process

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone undergo the conversion process from conventional dentures to implant-retained overdentures? 2. What are the advantages of using locator abutments in this procedure? 3. How long does the denture conversion process usually take? 4. Are implant-retained overdentures permanent solutions? 5. What are the potential risks or complications associated with this procedure?

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