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Author: Dr. Sam Strong, Mrs. Stephanie Strong

Training the Hygiene Department to Maintain Implant Cases Marketing Dental Implants with Effective Communication Skills

In today’s presentation, we will discuss the crucial responsibilities of dental hygienists when it comes to maintaining implant cases. As we have previously covered treatment planning and incorporating implants into the practice, it is now essential to focus on effectively marketing dental implants through excellent communication skills.

The Role of Dental Hygienists

In any dental practice, dental hygienists play a vital role in patient care. They are responsible for providing preventive oral care and educating patients about proper oral hygiene practices. While their primary focus is on maintaining patients’ oral health, they can also contribute significantly to marketing dental procedures, including implants.

Building on Previous Webcasts

In the previous webcasts, we have already discussed the importance of incorporating implants into our practice. Now, let’s dive into training the hygiene department to effectively market these procedures. By equipping our dental hygienists with the necessary knowledge and skills, we can ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and information about dental implants.

Understanding Common Patient Questions

One of the first steps in training our hygiene department is to prepare them to answer common patient questions related to dental implants. Patients often have concerns about the cost and financing options associated with implant treatment. By educating our staff about the financing options available and empowering them to communicate this information effectively, we can alleviate patients’ worries and make them more confident in pursuing implant treatment.

The Impact of Timely Implant Placement

It’s important for our hygiene department to understand the significance of timely implant placement. As dental professionals, we know that the longer patients wait to have implants placed, the more challenging and costly the procedure becomes. By emphasizing this point to our patients, we encourage them to take action promptly, ensuring a more straightforward and less expensive implant process.

Personalizing the Benefits of Dental Implants

One powerful tool our hygienists have is the ability to personalize the benefits of dental implants for each patient. By understanding the desires and interests of our patients, we can tailor our communication to highlight the advantages of implants that resonate with them personally. For example, emphasizing the ability to enjoy any food while socializing can be a desirable feature for patients who love to dine out or attend social events.

Creating Engaging Dental Implant Presentations

To effectively market dental implants, our hygiene department can create engaging presentations for patients. By using visuals, videos, and interactive materials, we can capture their attention and provide comprehensive information about the benefits, procedures, and outcomes of dental implants. These presentations should be not only informative but also visually appealing to maintain the interest of our patients.


Training our hygiene department to maintain implant cases and market dental implants with effective communication skills is crucial for the success of our practice. By equipping our dental hygienists with the knowledge and tools they need, we can ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and are well-informed about the benefits of dental implants.


1. How can dental hygienists contribute to marketing dental implants?

Dental hygienists can contribute to marketing dental implants by educating patients about the benefits, addressing common questions, and personalizing the advantages of implants based on patient-specific desires and interests.

2. Why is timely implant placement important?

The longer patients wait to have implants placed, the more difficult and expensive the procedure becomes. Timely implant placement not only ensures better outcomes but also saves patients from potential complications and increased costs.

3. How can the hygiene department address patient concerns about financing options?

The hygiene department can address patient concerns about financing options by being well-informed about the available options and effectively communicating them to patients. This includes discussing payment plans, dental insurance coverage, and third-party financing options that may make implant treatment more affordable.

4. What techniques can hygiene department use to create engaging presentations?

The hygiene department can create engaging presentations by incorporating visuals, videos, and interactive materials. This can include before-and-after photos, educational videos, and interactive models to help patients understand the benefits and procedures of dental implants.

5. How can the hygiene department personalize the benefits of dental implants?

The hygiene department can personalize the benefits of dental implants by understanding each patient’s desires and interests. By highlighting how implants can improve their quality of life, such as the ability to eat anything while socializing, the hygiene department can make the benefits more relatable and appealing to patients.

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