Duration: 8 minutes, 23 seconds

Author: Prof. Massimo Simion

The Treatment of an Anterior Lower Severely Resorbed Ridge with Vertical Distraction Osteogenesis (DO)


Overview of Vertical Distraction Osteogenesis (DO)

Definition and Purpose

Mechanism of Action

Treatment Indications

Procedure and Benefits

Steps of the Vertical DO Technique

Pre-operative Planning

Osseous Mobilization

Device Placement

Distractor Activation

Benefits and Advantages

Vertical Bone Regeneration

Restorative Treatment Stability

Improved Aesthetics

Considerations and Precautions

Pre-operative Assessment

Radiographic Imaging

Ridge Anatomy Evaluation

Surgical Technique

Anesthesia and Incision

Bone Activation Protocol

Stabilization and Suture Placement

Post-operative Care and Follow-up

Bone Healing Monitoring

Radiographic Evaluation

Soft Tissue Evaluation

Oral Hygiene and Diet Recommendations

Instructions for Oral Care

Dietary Restrictions

Follow-up Visits and Evaluation

Assessment of Treatment Success

Implant Placement Considerations


– Vertical Distraction Osteogenesis (DO) is a valuable treatment option for patients with severely resorbed ridges in the lower anterior region. Through the gradual separation of bone segments, new bone formation occurs, leading to vertical bone regeneration.


1. How long does the Vertical Distraction Osteogenesis (DO) procedure take? 2. Are there any risks or complications associated with Vertical DO? 3. Can Vertical DO be used for other areas of the mouth besides the lower anterior region? 4. Is Vertical DO a painful procedure? 5. How long does it take for the bone to heal after Vertical DO?

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