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The Success of Endodontic Therapy – Healing and Function Over 30% of root-filled teeth in the population present with persistent disease, suggesting an extensive need to manage the affected teeth. Treatment options include extraction and replacement, orthograde retreatment and apical surgery, and selection between these can often be complex. When the patient is motivated to retain the affected tooth, a key consideration is the prognosis, or potential for healing; therefore, the prognosis should be communicated to patients in a clear and objective manner. This lecture focuses on the prognosis of orthograde retreatment and apical surgery. Inconsistent reports on the prognosis of orthograde retreatment and apical surgery, in contrast with consistently favourable reports for implant-supported single-tooth replacement, have caused considerable confusion in the profession. To reliably reflect the prognosis, studies must conform to design and methodology criteria consistent with an acceptable level of evidence. These criteria are met by only a few studies on retreatment and apical surgery. This lecture identifies the studies that provide the best evidence and outlines the prognosis of retreatment and apical surgery in regards to healing and symptom-free function of the treated teeth. Furthermore, specific clinical factors are highlighted that may influence the prognosis.

Release Date: June 21, 2007


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