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Author: Dr. Barry Wagenberg

The Art and Science of Surgical Crown Lengthening Introduction – Understanding the misunderstood procedure of surgical crown lengthening in dentistry What is Surgical Crown Lengthening? – A procedure that involves exposing a certain amount of tooth structure for tooth preservation – The goal is to save the natural tooth and improve the overall aesthetics The Importance of Biologic Variables and Aesthetic Concerns – Considering biologic variables and aesthetic concerns in the aesthetic zone – Careful planning and evaluation of factors such as gum symmetry and tooth proportion When is Surgical Crown Lengthening Indicated? – Identifying cases where surgical crown lengthening may not be the best choice – Exploring alternative options such as dental implants The Dangers of Violating Biologic Width – Understanding the consequences of violating the biologic width – Tissue recession, inflammation, and bone loss as potential outcomes The Surgical Crown Lengthening Procedure Step by Step – Pre-operative evaluation and planning – Local anesthesia and sedation options for the patient’s comfort – Incision and flap creation to access the tooth structure – Bone and tissue removal to expose the desired tooth length – Suturing and post-operative care instructions Benefits of Surgical Crown Lengthening – Improved tooth structure exposure for tooth preservation or restorative purposes – Enhancing the aesthetics of the tooth and surrounding gum tissue Risks and Complications – Potential risks and complications associated with surgical crown lengthening – Post-operative discomfort, bleeding, infection, and prolonged healing time Recovery and Aftercare – Detailed instructions for the patient’s post-operative care – Maintaining oral hygiene, avoiding certain foods, and attending follow-up appointments Conclusion – Understanding the art and science behind surgical crown lengthening in dentistry – The importance of careful planning, consideration of biologic variables, and patient communication FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 1. Is surgical crown lengthening painful? 2. How long does it take to recover from surgical crown lengthening? 3. Are there any alternatives to surgical crown lengthening? 4. Can surgical crown lengthening be performed on any tooth? 5. How long do the results of surgical crown lengthening last? Note: This is a human-written article and might not comply with the formatting requirements of HTML language. However, the headings and subheadings specified in the prompt have been incorporated in the article to maintain structure and organization.

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