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Running Time: 22 min

Language: English


This presentation will deal with biomechanical solutions for maximizing therapeutic efficiency and minimizing side effects during orthodontic treatment. Although various treatment techniques have been developed, it remains quite difficult to predict or compare actual tooth movements subsequent to the application of different treatment mechanics. Therefore, the prediction and planning of orthodontic tooth movement have been largely dependent on clinical experiences. With such a background, the demand for simulating long-term tooth movement under the various treatment mechanics has been increasing to improve therapeutic efficiency and reduce the treatment time.
We developed a simulation system of long-term orthodontic tooth movement based on a bone remodeling algorithm using the finite element method. Using this system, the optimal loading condition for achieving speedy and controllable tooth movements can be determined.
The optimal loading condition on the application of sliding mechanics in combination with power arms during space closure in an extraction case will be described. Also for loop mechanics, a simple and innovative design of closing loop, which produces an optimal force magnitude and M/F ratio for en-masse retraction, and is applicable in the 0.022-in slot system, will be introduced.
Clinical application of temporary anchorage devices combined with the above mentioned mechanics will be also discussed.

Release Date: 19-11-2020


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