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Author: Dr. Nelson Carranza

Severe Gingival Recession Treatment with Connective Tissue Grafts Introduction: – Understanding the treatment of severe gingival recession using connective tissue grafts. History of Gingival Recession Treatment: – Various treatments attempted throughout history, with inconsistent results. – Lack of consistently successful treatments for severe gingival recession. The Improvement with Connective Tissue Grafts: – Introduction of sub-epithelial connective tissue graft in the mid-1980s. – Significant improvement in the success rate of gingival recession treatment. – Better long-term results compared to other alternatives. Connective Tissue Grafts as the Best Option: – Traditional graft remains the best choice for severe or deep recessions. – Other alternatives introduced but don’t provide the same level of success. Measuring Success in Gingival Recession Treatment: – Success factors include complete coverage, healthy tissue, no pain or hypersensitivity, and a harmonious appearance. – Connective tissue graft provides the best combination of success, predictability, and durability. Understanding Connective Tissue Graft Procedure: – Explanation of how connective tissue grafts are performed. – Step-by-step process of the surgical procedure. – Recovery and post-operative care instructions. Benefits of Connective Tissue Grafts: – Long-term success and durability. – Improved appearance and gum health. – Relief from pain and hypersensitivity. Connective Tissue Graft vs. Other Treatment Options: – Comparison with other treatment methods. – Pros and cons of each option. – Why connective tissue grafts are the preferred choice for severe gingival recession. Risks and Complications: – Potential risks associated with connective tissue grafts. – Possible complications and how they can be managed. Alternatives to Connective Tissue Grafts: – Brief overview of alternative treatments. – When these alternatives might be considered. Maintaining Gingival Health after Treatment: – Importance of proper oral hygiene. – Regular dental check-ups and cleanings. – Using specialized tools for gum care. Conclusion: – Connective tissue grafts offer the most successful and predictable treatment option for severe gingival recession. – Understanding the procedure, benefits, and risks is crucial for making informed decisions about gum recession treatment. FAQs: 1. How long does it take to recover from a connective tissue graft surgery? 2. Can connective tissue grafts be done on multiple teeth at once? 3. Will insurance cover the cost of connective tissue graft surgery? 4. Are there any non-surgical options for treating severe gingival recession? 5. What can I expect in terms of discomfort or pain after a connective tissue graft surgery?

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