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Practice of clinical Orthodontics has significantly changed over the last three decades. Our customary work with wires and brackets since last century now includes use of skeletal anchorage devices, orthographic surgery without pre surgical orthodontics and use of sequential plastic aligners to correct malocclusions. However we are still seeking answers to how can we accelerate orthodontic tooth movement to finish treatment sooner. Numerous commercial devices have been promoted, some with spurious claims and others with less than desirable results.
For all the existing treatment modalities and newer methods such as aligners and mini screws, there is one common denominator and that is biomechanics. Without a clear understanding of forces and moments delivered by wires or aligners via brackets or mini screws, achieving predictable results would be impossible. With the popularity of aligners and other non traditional treatment methods it even becomes more important to understand how forces work and how to prevent side effects.

Release Date: 19-11-2020


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