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Author: Dr. Robert Carvalho da Silva, Dr. Victor Grover Rene Clavijo

Integrated Rehabilitation Using Adjacent Implants in the Esthetic Region


Integrated rehabilitation using adjacent implants in the esthetic region is an innovative and effective approach in dental treatment. In this article, we will explore the presentation given by Dr. Robert from Brazil and Dr. Victor Clavirio on this topic.

Overview of the Presentation

The presentation focuses on a patient’s case involving two hopeless teeth with attachment loss and buccal bone loss. Dr. Robert and Dr. Victor Clavirio discuss the treatment plan, which includes extraction of the affected teeth, immediate temporization, static tissue reconstruction, and root coverage.

The Patient’s Case

The patient’s case presented in the seminar involves two teeth with severe attachment loss and buccal bone loss. This condition poses a significant challenge for the dental team, requiring a comprehensive treatment plan for successful rehabilitation.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan devised by Dr. Robert and Dr. Victor Clavirio consists of several key steps:

1. Extraction of affected teeth

The first step in the treatment plan is the removal of the two hopeless teeth. This process prepares the area for further intervention and allows for the initiation of the rehabilitation process.

2. Immediate temporization

After the extraction, immediate temporization is performed to provide the patient with temporary teeth as a replacement for the extracted ones. This step ensures that the patient can maintain normal oral functions during the healing process.

3. Static tissue reconstruction

Static tissue reconstruction is a crucial aspect of the treatment plan. It involves the restoration and reconstruction of the gum tissues around the extracted teeth. This step aims to recreate a natural appearance and maintain esthetic harmony.

4. Root coverage

Root coverage is another essential element of the treatment plan. It focuses on the restoration of the gum tissues’ attachment to the root surfaces of adjacent implants. This process enhances the stability and longevity of the implants.

The Surgical Intervention

To ensure precise and accurate surgical intervention, Dr. Robert and Dr. Victor Clavirio utilize a silicon guide. This guide helps maintain the position of the patient’s teeth, ensuring optimal alignment during the implant placement process.


The integrated rehabilitation using adjacent implants in the esthetic region is an effective solution for patients with severe dental issues. The treatment plan presented by Dr. Robert and Dr. Victor Clavirio demonstrates the importance of immediate temporization, static tissue reconstruction, and root coverage. By following these steps, dental professionals can achieve successful outcomes and restore the esthetic appeal of a patient’s smile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is integrated rehabilitation suitable for all patients with teeth loss?

Integrated rehabilitation is a viable option for many patients with teeth loss. However, each case is unique, and it is best to consult with a dental professional to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

2. How long does the entire treatment process take?

The duration of the treatment process depends on various factors, such as the patient’s oral health, the complexity of the case, and the chosen rehabilitation technique. A dental professional can provide a more accurate estimate based on individual circumstances.

3. Can immediate temporization cause any discomfort?

While the process of immediate temporization may initially cause mild discomfort, it is temporary and part of the natural healing process. The dental team will ensure adequate pain relief during and after the procedure.

4. Are adjacent implants a long-lasting solution?

When properly maintained and cared for, adjacent implants can provide a long-lasting solution for patients. Regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene practices are essential for maximizing the longevity of adjacent implants.

5. Is the surgical intervention for adjacent implants complicated?

The surgical intervention for adjacent implants requires expertise and precision. By utilizing a silicon guide, dental professionals can ensure accurate placement and minimize the complexity of the procedure.

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