Duration: 11 minutes, 8 seconds

Author: Dr. France Lambert

Title: Implant Placement with Digital Planning, Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting, and Immediate Temporization Introduction: Meeting the dental needs of elderly patients is crucial, especially when replacing missing teeth. This article explores a case involving a 70-year-old woman who requires dental implants. The case will be treated using a digital approach, starting with a clinician utilizing digital planning. Throughout the process, oral scans will be conducted, and the STL file will be sent to the lab for printing a model. Additionally, a temporary shell will be designed and milled in-house, followed by the surgeon’s utilization of a surgical guide for implantation, with the possibility of performing bone grafting and placing titanium bases on the implants. 1. The Significance of Dental Implants for Elderly Patients 1.1 Understanding the Impact of Tooth Loss on Quality of Life 1.2 Benefits of Dental Implants over Other Replacement Options 2. Leveraging Digital Planning for Enhanced Precision 2.1 Introduction to Digital Dentistry and its Role in Implant Placement 2.2 Utilizing Intraoral Scans for Accurate Patient Measurements 2.3 Sending STL Files for Model Printing at the Lab 3. Designing and Milling an In-House Temporary Shell 3.1 Importance of Immediate Temporization for Patient Satisfaction 3.2 Creating a Temporary Shell Using CAD/CAM Technology 3.3 Advantages of In-House Milling 4. Implant Placement with Surgical Guide 4.1 Preparing the Surgical Guide for Precise Implant Placement 4.2 Ensuring Adequate Bone Quality and Quantity 4.3 Incorporating Bone Grafting Techniques when Required 4.4 Placing Titanium Bases on the Implants Conclusion: By employing a digital approach and utilizing the advantages of modern dentistry techniques, implant placement for elderly patients can be significantly enhanced. The use of digital planning, immediate temporization, and surgical guides enables precise and efficient treatment, ensuring positive outcomes and patient satisfaction. FAQs: 1. How long does the dental implantation process typically take? 2. Are there any age restrictions for dental implant placement? 3. What are the benefits of immediate temporization? 4. When is bone grafting necessary during implant placement? 5. How long do dental implants last on average?

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