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The Skeletal Anchorage System (SAS) consists of titanium orthodontic anchor plates and monocortical screws that are temporarily implanted in the zygomatic buttress or the mandibular body, or in both, as absolute orthodontic anchorages. The most distinguished feature of SAS is enables us to predictably move molars. The SAS mechanics has revolutionized the concept of orthodontic and orthognathic treatment for adult patients. In this conference, I will focus on Class III patients and discuss how the strategies for Class III correction were changed following the development of SAS. Firstly, it became possible to effectively camoufalge severe Class III maloclusion in adults by distalization of the mandibular molars and/or entire dentition. Secondly, thanks to the development of SAS, it became possible to eliminate or shorten pre-surgical orthodontic treatment and significantly reduce total treatment time in Class III surgical cases. Thirdly, in moderate or severe growing Class III patients, SAS is an extremely effective biomechanics for solving various problems in the second phase treatment. Therefore, the second phase treatment for non-growing patients became more important than the first phase treatment. Thus, nowadays, the SAS becomes an indispensable modality for correction of any Class III malocclusions in my clinical practice.

Release Date: 20-11-2020


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