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Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes, 55 seconds

Author: Dr. Toyohiko Hidaka

Guidelines for Aesthetic PeriImplant Gingival Tissue – Japanese Language Only


– Overview of the importance of aesthetic periimplant gingival tissue – Mention of the guidelines being specifically for Japanese-speaking professionals

Understanding the Guidelines

– The intended audience: professionals in the dental field who understand Japanese – Importance of language proficiency to fully comprehend the guidelines

Focus on Aesthetic Results

– Explanation of the guidelines’ main focus: achieving aesthetic results in periimplant gingival tissue – Importance of maintaining natural-looking gingival tissue around dental implants

Best Practices and Techniques

– Overview of the best practices outlined in the guidelines – Detailed description of techniques recommended to ensure aesthetic results – Discussion of the importance of proper maintenance and care

Considerations for Enhancing Appearance

– Exploration of additional considerations discussed in the guidelines – Explanation of how these considerations can help enhance the appearance of the gingival tissue – Importance of understanding and implementing these recommendations

Limited Availability in Other Languages

– Explanation that the guidelines are exclusively available in Japanese – Mention of potential challenges for non-Japanese-speaking professionals


– Recap of the importance of aesthetic periimplant gingival tissue – Emphasis on the significance of the guidelines for professionals in the field

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these guidelines applicable to all dental implant procedures?

– This specific document focuses on aesthetic periimplant gingival tissue and can be applied to various types of dental implant procedures.

2. Can non-Japanese-speaking professionals still benefit from the guidelines?

– While the document is only available in Japanese, professionals with language translation resources or Japanese-speaking colleagues can still extract valuable information from it.

3. How frequently should the guidelines be referenced in practice?

– It is recommended to refer to the guidelines regularly, particularly when planning and executing dental implant procedures involving periimplant gingival tissue.

4. Do the guidelines cover the management of complications related to periimplant gingival tissue?

– The guidelines primarily focus on aesthetic aspects, but they may touch upon certain considerations related to the management of complications in periimplant gingival tissue.

5. Can the guidelines be shared with patients or the general public?

– The guidelines are intended for professionals in the dental field. However, dental professionals may use the information provided to educate patients and the general public about the importance of aesthetic periimplant gingival tissue.

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