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This program provides a maximum experience covering the various principles and clinical procedures needed to perform crown lengthening in all its variations. We cover indications, contraindications, and methods of managing surrounding bone. Topics include: how to handle hard and soft tissues; proper surgical techniques; preservation of esthetics in the final tissue contours; and relocation of all structures that comprise the biologic width, namely: sulcus, junctional epithelium, connective tissue fibers, and bone. The program illustrates step by step methods for managing bone and soft tissue to allow for predictable impressions, and the avoiding of common restorative complications. Some typical complications include sore gums following crowns, sensitive teeth, plus crowns falling off or developing caries prematurely. Dentists who want to do some or most of their own crown extensions, or those who just want to know more about the subject, will be helped by this course. Crown extension is one of the most commonly required procedures in restorative dentistry, and is often under utilized.

Release Date: September 30, 2005


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