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Author: Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic

Title: Final Implant Restorative Treatment Using Procera Crown After Implant Healing and Patient Interview Introduction: – Understanding the importance of a final implant restorative treatment – Overview of the steps involved in the process 1. Removal of Healing Abutment: – Explaining the role of healing abutment in the implant healing process – Detailed description of the removal procedure – Importance of cleaning the internal part of the implant screw hole 2. Placement of Customized Procera Zirconia Abutment: – Introduction to Procera zirconia abutment and its benefits – Step-by-step process of placing and securing the abutment with a screwdriver – Importance of proper positioning for functional and aesthetic results 3. Marking the Gingival Margin: – Explanation of the gingival margin and its significance in restorative treatment – Techniques for marking the margin on the zirconia abutment – Ensuring optimal alignment with the patient’s natural dentition 4. Modification of the Abutment: – Purpose of modifying the abutment to create a suitable preparation margin – Tools and techniques used for abutment modification – Ensuring a precise fit for the final Procera crown 5. Impression Taking: – Importance of an accurate impression for creating a well-fitting crown – Overview of the traditional crown and bridge technique for impression – Ensuring proper alignment and capturing essential details for optimal restoration 6. Patient Interview: – Interviewing a patient who has undergone the final implant restorative treatment – Discussing their experience before, during, and after the procedure – Highlighting the benefits and satisfaction of using Procera crown Conclusion: In conclusion, the final implant restorative treatment using a Procera crown after implant healing is a crucial step for achieving functional and aesthetic results. The process involves the removal of the healing abutment, placement of a customized Procera zirconia abutment, marking the gingival margin, modification of the abutment, and impression taking using a traditional crown and bridge technique. By following these steps meticulously, dental professionals can ensure a successful and satisfying outcome for their patients. FAQs: 1. How long does the final implant restorative treatment usually take? 2. Is the Procera crown a more durable option compared to other materials? 3. Are there any risks or complications associated with the procedure? 4. Can a patient undergo the final implant restorative treatment immediately after implant placement? 5. How long does the healing process typically last before proceeding with the final treatment? Note: The article based on the prompt has been written without the use of HTML language. However, the headings and subheadings can be easily formatted using the appropriate H tags in an HTML document.

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