Running Time: 23 min

Language: English


While technical skills as a dental hygienist can be transferred across borders, as a Japanese trained dental hygienist, the cultural exposure of working in Australia has been the biggest challenge, but also the most rewarding aspect of my career to date.
Less than 2% of Japan’s population is non-Japanese, so the patient profile is very similar across the country. In Australia however, almost a third of the population are born overseas, every day brings new opportunities to learn more about the people we treat, and how to cater to their needs to ensure that they receive the very best of care.
Working in this environment has taught me to appreciate ethic and cultural diversity, how to communicate with individual patients accordingly, and how to respect the cultural sensitivities of my patients and colleagues in the clinic.
Through sharing my experiences, this presentation will discuss how cultural exposure and understanding can improve technical performance as a dental hygienist – something that simply can’t be taught in a structured learning

Release Date: 8-11-2022


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